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Scene 2

Everyone off stage apart from Jade, Jim and Sarah. Sarah and Jade move to the right side of the stage and put jumpers on, Jim moves to the left side putting a jumper on and picking up the bag, Jim, Sarah and Jade come to the center of the stage. “Day 1 of infection” comes from the tanons

Jim: You wanna see how far I can throw this (Holds a bag in his hands)

Sarah: Fine then however I don’t think you’ll get it that far.

Jade: I agree too I mean you can’t even throw a ball that far.

Jade and Sarah giggle to themselves, Jim looks annoyed.

Jim: I’ll show you who can’t throw a ball (goes to throw bag however makes it drop)

Jade: you really showed us, now let me show you how to throw it properly (Picks bag up before throwing it, sound of the bag hitting something can be heard, the three look worried and go to see what happened)

Sarah: (scared and worried) Sir, Sir are you ok, say something if you are

A loud growl and groan comes from off stage. Sarah walks off stage slowly, leaving Jade and Jim on stage.

Jim: you’re so going to be in trouble.

Jade: You are; you’re the one who started it.

A scream is heard, Jade and Jim look at each other before looking in the direction that Sarah had left from, both looking worried.

Jim: Sarah, Sarah (Jim runs off stage looking for Sarah)

Jade: (looks at the audience) we never thought that our lives would change, we thought
that this was all a dream but it really wasn’t, one moment live is pretty normal but then the
next everything’s just gone. (Looks away from the audience, Jim comes on stage pulling Sarah with him, Sarah looks and acts terrified)

Jade: (Looks at Sarah) Are you ok? Why did you scream?

Sarah: (Clings to Jim in fear) The person you hit, he... he tried….

Jim: (holds Sarah close) He was crazy, I only managed to get Sarah away from the nutter. I
(kicks foot out) kicked him in the head just to get him off of Sarah, he had blood around his mouth and everything.

Sarah: (sobs) Lets just get out of here and go home.

Jade: Sarah’s right about that.

Jade and Sarah leave the stage, leaving Jim standing there looking at the audience with a smile on his face.

Jim: I felt like a true hero, I mean one of those types that help a woman who is in danger; never would I have thought that this was going to be the end. If I’d known then I would have told my mum that I loved her but well it’s a little too late for that now isn’t it. (Slowly looks down to the ground)

Jim slowly goes off stage. When Jim is off stage a few seconds later “Present day, day 40
of infection” comes from the tanons.
Scene 1

White lights on stage followed by a low sound of screaming, Shadow followed by Arthur come from the side of the stage looking around both each have a bag with them. Blocks are around and have objects on them.

Shadow: Ok let’s just hurry up, I’m pretty sure that woman wouldn’t keep those monsters occupied for long.

Arthur: Maybe we should have just put her out of her misery I mean no one should go through that.

Shadow: (sighs and turns to look at Arthur) Arthur, do you think I’m happy about all this,
it’s a tough world out there and we need to look out for our own if we want to survive. (looks over at one of the blocks and quickly goes over to in and starts to place the things in the bag)

Arthur: (goes to one of the other blocks) I still don’t think it’s right thought, I mean surely she could come with us

Shadow: You know as well as I do that once your bit its only a matter of time before you turn.

Sounds of the screams stop suddenly, Arthur and Shadow look at each other quickly before dashing to the final block and getting everything they can off the block quickly.

Shadow: (shouts) let’s get out of here now.

A sound of glass braking followed by growls, Shadow grabs Arthur’s arm and runs off stage and lights go off to black out. All characters apart from Leonard, Shadow and Arthur come on stage move the blocks back.

Alfred: they should have gotten back by now.

Kat: Alfred, you just want them back quickly so you can get something to eat; all you really do is think about your stomach.

Alfred: I do not, I’m just saying they seem to be taking longer than normal to get back.

Francis: They probably got eaten.

Nala: Don’t you even think about talking like that Francis, your scaring Luna.

Jim: You lot just be quiet after all I’m in charge so what I say goes.

Sarah: since when are you in charge, Jim.

Jade: Since Shadow ended up making the mistake of putting him in charge.

Jim: That’s right, I think we should be quiet, John go check to radio to see if we have any contact.

Dim lighting on stage at start, sounds of clawing, moans and groans can be heard from the tanons. John moves to the front of the stage with a radio trying to get some contact. Luna is hugging Nala in fear everyone else is around on stage.

Luna: Sister there trying to get in again.

Nala: Its alright Luna, I promise that I wouldn’t let anything bad to you.

Jessie: They haven’t gotten in before so they wouldn’t as long as that door is kept closed.

Arthur and Shadow come onto the stage, each carrying small plastic bags with stuff in. Lights start to get lighter; sounds of clawing slowly fade out. Alfred turns to look at Arthur.

Alfred: (sounds disappointed) Dude, is that all you got?

Arthur: (sighs in annoyance) Be grateful that we managed to come back with anything, you

git.( Alfred stands up before going behind Arthur and yanks the bag out of Arthur’s hand.)

Arthur: (sounds very annoyed) Give that back.

Alfred holds the bag out as if to give it back to Arthur, Arthur reaches to take the bag.
Alfred pulls the bag away and laughs, Arthur growls in annoyance before chasing after Alfred. Alfred and Arthur exit off stage running.

Shadow: As Arthur was saying this is all that we managed to get, I know it isn’t much but with everything all gone to hell these days it’s better than nothing (Starts handing out the food from the bag to each person in the circle)

Jade: (looks at the bar she is given before sighing) I remember when things used to be better, I’m sure we all do, am I right? (Everyone on stage nods in agreement and starts to think of their lives before all this)

Jim: I sure do, having one lady each night (says in a high voice) Oh Jim you’re so good in bed, f**** me harder (Sarah hits Jim)

Sarah: Oh really well last I remembered you were the one that was saying I was the one good in bed and anyway you were never that good in bed.

Everyone on stage laughs apart from Francis. Francis stands up before creepily leaving the stage, Kat and Jade are those who notice Francis leave however don’t say anything.

John: (holds mic to the radio) Hello this is John Davis, if anyone is listening we are needing rescue, there are many of us in Nescot, we are not infected and are in need of rescue.

Amber (comes over to John) any luck.

John: (disappointed) None

Shadow: of course no one replied I mean you’ve been doing that every day since we got here and there has never been a response, face it we are the last that are left.

Nala: You can’t say that.

Shadow: (anger) Why not, I mean come on it’s been about a month since this happened and has anyone come for us.

Jessie: There is still hope that this isn’t the end.

Shadow: (sighs in annoyance) Fine whatever, just don’t be thinking that we are going to be saved anytime soon at least. (Goes off stage)

Everyone watches Shadow leave the stage before looking at each other.

Sarah: What’s got her panties in a twist?

Kat: Maybe it’s that time of the month

Amber: well I think right now isn’t the time to be thinking about that after all.

Sarah, Jade and Jim stand up and move close to the audience.

Jade: (looking at Jim and Sarah) you remember when everything went bad and how we managed to still be alive, I can still remember it even to this day.
the infection (scene 1)
Let me know what you think and I'll be uploading each scene, I wrote this about two years ago.
well this is a one shot and well this was partly based off a rp that I did and well I thought that it would be good to do

America and England were sitting in the back garden of America's house. America and England had been dating for a month now and well had not been arguing as much as they used to because of it. England enjoyed the warm weather and that there wasn't luckly much pollen in the air being that he suffered from hay fever.

England and America were talking about things when America heard the sound of a cat meowing however the cat that could be heard meowing wasn't his cat Hero or England's cat Knight being that Knight and Hero had decided to stay inside the house to day. America told England that he was going to see who was making the noise and headed over to the bushes, England had a bad feeling about this however hadn't said anything.

America moved the bush to see a young male cat that didn't seemed to be a fully grown adult however wasn't a kitten either. The cat seemed friendly enough well that was until America tried to pick it up and resulted in America getting scratched by the cat, unknown to America was that something had been on the cat and was now on him. The cat struggled out of America's hold and ran off

"Are you alright America?" England asked when seeing that the cat had gone for America,

"Yeah dude, must have been a stray or something" America says, he felt tiny pinches around his back however thought it to be nothing to begin with

"I'll go make some lunch for us then" England says, England had gotten better at cooking so America wasn't really worried that England would end up poisoning him so he let England do that, England headed inside. America placed his hand up his shirt and started scratching where he had felt the pinches as they had started to itch. He felt his chest and stomach starting to itch as well.

He moved his hand away from his back and started scratching his chest and stomach before moving one of his hands to his back to try and scratch there being that he was feeling very itching. America wondered what was going on but came out of that thought and thought to try and get the itching to stop but it seemed to keep going.

America came inside and headed to his room quickly however this was not unnoticed by England who had seen America run to his room and decided to follow him however found that America had locked his door "America you alright?" England asked knocking

"Yeah dude, just changing my shirt" America says, America removed his shirt and kept scratching he decided to use the side of his bed to get the side of his bed to get the itches on his back and scratched his chest and stomach along with his sides and arms. America wasn't sure what was going on. He kept doing this until he heard his door open being that England had found where he kept the spare key to his room.

England came over to America, he could see the red bumps and red marks from where America had been scratching. "America don't lie to me" England says he could tell that America had been lying to him from what it looked like.

"Fine dude, I'm not alright" America admits "I feel really itchy and I don't know why" when America said the word itchy made him scratch more, the fleas were tiny so couldn't be seen properly. England grabbed hold of America's wrists so to stop him scratching, America tried to pull his hands away as not scratching made the itching worse

"I want you to go have a shower and then change into some other clothes understood" England says and America nods "Good, also no scratching"

America headed to the bathroom quickly while still scratching, after getting in the bathroom he undressed and got in to the shower. the itching seemed to still be there however had lessens however no by much because of the bites, England had while America was in the shower took his clothes so to wash them before putting a new pair of clothes in the bathroom for America.

When America came out of the shower he dried off and changed into the clothes that England had left of him, he still scratched where the itchiest parts where which was on his back and chest

"America you need to stop that alright, your going to make it worse" England says to America slapping his hand.

"Dude it really still itches" America whines and England sighs before leaving the room and coming back with some calamine lotion for the bites that America had on his upper body.

England managed to get America to put the calamine lotion on his front, "Dude can you seriously scratch my back a little before putting that stuff on?" America asked and gave England the puppy dog look which England couldn't really say no to.

"Fine turn round" England says and America turned round. England started scratching America's back lightly however this didn't really make the itching subside "Dude can you do it harder" America says and England does it harder after about maybe 5 minutes England put the calamine lotion on America back

America still felt a bit itchy however the calamine lotion seemed to help a bit "Maybe next time don't pick up strange cats you don't know" England says. America cuddled up to England like a little child and England stroked his hair and let America sleep

it was based of a rp that I did a while back, I first added it on and decided to place to place it on here. if you want to check out my other stories on fanfiction the link is below…
I'm looking for anyone that wants to do a MxM roleplay, I will either rp over notes on here or email. I do rp on Lioden if you have an account. I'm hoping that this will be long term and that the people I rp with are active. rps that I'm mostly looking for are mostly fandoms which are below and some of them I will do OC and I don't mind doing Mpreg.

- Anime/manga
- Avengers
- Merlin
- Sherlock
Star Trek 
- Supernatural

Others things that I will rp with MxM are below

- Zombies
- Supernatural creatures
- Humans
- Animals

If you wish to rp with me then either reply below or just send me a note.


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Chantelle de Sancha
United Kingdom
I am a writer and well do most of my story writing on fanfiction. On fanfiction my pen name is CATGIRL28…

if you have a request for a hetalia fic, itchfic or sickfic then send me a note telling me what you want in it.
I'm looking for anyone that wants to do a MxM roleplay, I will either rp over notes on here or email. I do rp on Lioden if you have an account. I'm hoping that this will be long term and that the people I rp with are active. rps that I'm mostly looking for are mostly fandoms which are below and some of them I will do OC and I don't mind doing Mpreg.

- Anime/manga
- Avengers
- Merlin
- Sherlock
Star Trek 
- Supernatural

Others things that I will rp with MxM are below

- Zombies
- Supernatural creatures
- Humans
- Animals

If you wish to rp with me then either reply below or just send me a note.

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